Focus on individual attention remains as TTAND reaches 1,000 agents

The Travel Agent Next Door achieved an impressive milestone this month as it reaches 1,000 travel agent partners under its umbrella – comprised of primary agents and their associates.

The host agency has never stopped growing, even during the pandemic.

Flemming Friisdahl, founder of TTAND says he believes the reason so many agents have switched to TTAND is because the company keeps re-investing in agent support. “No agent is just a number with us. We ensure we give each one the same service and attention. Our agents are all treated the same.”

Friisdahl says as the company grew in the number of partner agents, so did the staff. “We currently have 1 staff member for every 11 agents. That is a very high ratio.”

“The average hold time is 28 seconds and email response time is approximately one hour on average,” said Friisdahl.

Every primary agent receives a call quarterly from TTAND to see how their business is doing and to discuss any issues.

TL Network’s Lindsay Pearlman weighs in on TTAND’s growth

TTAND is a member of Travel Leaders Network and so we asked Lindsay Pearlman, Senior Vice President – International Leisure at TL Network, for his comments on this milestone for the host agency.

1. The Travel Agent Next Door now supports 1,000 travel agent partners. It has been a member of Travel Leaders for a while now. Why do you think so many agents have chosen TTAND as their host agency?

“TTAND continues to do a great job on focusing on making the sale of travel as easy as possible for their agents so it’s not too much of a surprise that they have hit the 1000 agency partner level. Our partnership continues to grow as TTAND continues to work with TL Canada to evolve products and services to meet the needs of the agent and traveller.”

2. What features in particular do you think distinguish TTAND from other host agencies?

“The TTAND platform, inclusive of technology, marketing, and training makes life easier but, at the end of the day, it’s the people that make it all work. It’s how you maintain a small business feel even as they grow to this milestone.”

“Congratulations to Flemming and the team on achieving this milestone. It’s been our pleasure to continue to walk with you on this journey,” Pearlman added.

TTAND agent partners all know that they have access to Friisdahl when they need it – this has been the case from day one and even now, with many more agent partners, he makes himself available when needed.

Friisdahl said that his philosophy has always been that every partner travel agent pays a TTAND a fee, and that they all matter equally. “I am proud of the fact that we treat all our travel agent partners equally, it makes a difference and our agents tell us that all the time.”

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