Where are BSAP grads now?

BSAP 2022

By: Laura Bowman

For eight years, Baxter Media has introduced the industry to a new group of fresh-faced Ambassadors as they embark on exciting futures in tourism. There are so many excellent adventures and opportunities in tourism that we are always wondering: where have their careers in tourism taken them?

From promoting and planning local tourism properties, to adventures all around the world, Travel Courier recently caught up with three BSAP alumni to see what they are doing now. 

Julie Cain

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, Town of Georgina

The BSAP program is the whole reason I was able to start my career in the travel industry. I was the winner of the six-week Contiki Tours internship and couldn’t wait. The Friday before I was supposed to start, I was called and asked if I would instead like a full-time job at their sister company Trafalgar Tours, an offer I didn’t turn down. I worked as a sales representative working with American Agents and travellers for a year and won a free trip to Italy and visited England that year.  

I was able to experience a week on a guided tour through Italy and it was a great experience! I got to visit Rome, Venice and Florence. My favourite part of the trip was the unexpected ending. During a layover in London, my plane was grounded for two days due to snow (approx. half an inch, so a lot by their standard). With no baggage and nowhere to stay, I ended up having one of the best experiences I’ve ever had while travelling and exploring London on my own.  Most recently I spent two weeks in China, visiting Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

I transitioned from travel to tourism and became the Partner Communication Lead and Operations Coordinator for Regional Tourism Organization 8 (Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough and Northumberland), where I had done my internship during school. I fell in love with tourism and working with business owners to create tourism experiences. I oversaw a Buttertart Tour composed of more than 50 bakeries. The job was sweet!

I currently work for the Town of Georgina in the Economic Development and Tourism Division as the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. With my job, I help promote and grow tourism assets and market Georgina as a place to visit. I love connecting with small business owners and sharing their unique stories and incredible businesses.

Julie Cain

2017 Baxter Ambassador,
Fleming College

Robyn Bossons

Coordinator, Community Engagement & Social Impact, Canucks Sports & Entertainment

Since my experience with BSAP in 2018, so much has changed. The internship I earned from the program with Contiki provided me with so much valuable work experience that helped me land a job with Canucks Sports & Entertainment. 

During the offseasons, I have had some other amazing travel opportunities. I visited Southeast Asia with Contiki and have had the chance to explore Scandinavia. I’m looking forward to much more travelling and continuing to grow in the sports industry.

As a lifelong Canucks fan, having the opportunity to work with the team and on so many exciting games and events has been incredible. I even got to attend the NHL Allstar game in Las Vegas! 

Robyn Bossons

2018 Baxter Ambassador,
Capilano University

Fleur D'Sylva

Hospitality Server/Supervisor, All around Canada

Since being awarded as a Baxter Student Ambassador, I have had some incredible experiences. My hope within the next few years is to be a tour guide conducting tours around Europe once it’s easier to travel regarding COVID-19, and my long-term goal is to own a Bed and Breakfast either in the mountains or somewhere warm. In the meantime, I have been working on my customer service skills and gaining experience in the hospitality industry to help me in my future careers.

My internship at Elmhirst’s Resort and Spa taught me so much and I greatly appreciate the opportunity I had there. The management meetings and cross-training in different departments opened my eyes to what it takes to run a lodging business and it further showed me that owning my own B&B one day is still a dream I hope to pursue.

Being a seasonal restaurant server/supervisor, I have a lot of flexibility and have been able to travel tons for work and leisure. I’ve been able to work in places that look like postcards— from the mountains in Alberta to the lakes in Muskoka.

In the winters, I travel to Europe and find volunteering jobs through Workaway.com. I’ve had the opportunity to be an au pair in France, I volunteered at a surf lodge in Portugal, and I helped upkeep a gîte in the French countryside. My life since being a Baxter Student Ambassador has presented me with endless opportunities and I cannot wait to see where the future takes me. Thank you to the Baxter Student Ambassador Program!

Fleur D'Sylva

2018 Baxter Ambassador,
Seneca College

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