Shine a spotlight on these world-class destinations

Have you ever felt like there were not enough hours in the day to take in all your vacation destination has to offer?

Collette Spotlight tours let you focus through an immersive guided tour experience where you’ll feel like a local in no time. You’ll stay in one hotel at one of the most amazing locales in the world, and make your way through an itinerary that lets you get to know a city from the ground up.

Every tour will take you to world-class destinations in North America and Europe. From New York City to Santa Fe, San Antonio to Nashville, there’s a travel experience calling you.

You’ll stay in a location made for maximum immersion, whether you dive deep in a bustling city or venture out from your centrally-located hotel to take on the best of the region.

On a City Stay tour, like Spotlight on New York City, dive into the most popular, trending metropolitan cities. Your days will be well-balanced with a mix of guided sightseeing, planned excursions, and free time to get out and explore on your own. Discover places you heard the locals talking about, take recommendations from your Tour Manager, or embark on an exclusive optional excursion to get a unique feel for your destination.

A Hub-and-Spoke tour, like Spotlight on South Dakota, takes you to an incredible region and allows you to experience the true essence of the place. Each day, venture out from your strategically located hotel – just minutes from city hotspots – to embark on immersive experiences where you’ll uncover a blend of hidden treasures and must-see sights.

Either way, unpack your bags and settle in to your hand-picked hotel.

During Spotlight on South Dakota, you’ll discover the spirit of the American West.

Explore Deadwood, a National Historic Landmark town, and step back in time to the Gold Rush days. Learn about the heroes and villains of the “Wild West,” when gold, gambling, and gunpowder were once the order of the day.

Venture through the wide-open space of Badlands National Park, taking in the stripes of vibrant colours and rock formations. See incredible monuments of stone like the Crazy Horse Memorial; the largest in the world. Watch the nighttime lighting ceremony of Mount Rushmore.

On Spotlight on Washington, D.C., (featured image) you’ll uncover the celebrated history of the United States and its capital city.

Explore the pinnacle buildings of the U.S. government, including the White House and the U.S. Capitol. On a deep-dive into the world-renowned Smithsonian Museums, you’ll choose between the National Air and Space Museum or the National Museum of American History.

Stop to reflect at several powerful war and veterans’ memorials. Take a narrated tour of the Arlington National Cemetery, including the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Kennedy gravesites.

See the home of the George Washington, the first president of the U.S., and Ford’s Theatre where former President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Dine at an Old Town restaurant known for hosting the founding fathers centuries ago.

During Spotlight on New Orleans, you’ll get to know the “Jazz Capital of the World” through its rich history, mouth-watering Cajun and Creole cuisine, and soulful soundtrack.

Explore the famous French Quarter, noted as much for its rich history as it is for the colourful Mardi Gras festival. See the St. Louis Cemetery, home to some of the most elaborate crypts, and the unmistakable St. Louis Cathedral.

Venture through the Louisiana swamp on a cruise, where you’ll learn about the history and wildlife – keep an eye out for alligators!

You’ll really get a taste of the city: learn to cook soulful New Orleans favourites at a demonstration with a professional chef, indulge in a taste of iconic beignets at Café Du Monde, and enjoy a classic dinner and show at a French Quarter jazz club.

Whether you take on a bustling city, delve into historical landmarks, venture through natural wonders, or a bit of it all, book a Spotlight tour to get acquainted with your destination of a lifetime.

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