Thinking of making a change? Is it the right time?

Change is something that we all fear because there is comfort in what we know. But often in life, we look back on changes we made and realize that it made our lives so much better.

There has been tremendous change in the world and in the travel industry during and since the pandemic. The travel industry was one of the worst impacted and is still climbing out of that period—especially financially.

And yet bookings are flowing in and people are travelling more than ever. Airports are packed. Europe is overflowing with tourists. Records are being broken.

And so, many travel advisors are asking themselves should they make a change or stay where they are? And is it the right time to make a change?

The Travel Agent Next Door has seen an unprecedented number of travel advisors join the host agency during and since the pandemic — some of them experienced travel advisors who used to work in a bricks and mortar agency, some of them independent travel advisors who used to be with another host agency — and still others who are new travel agents and just joining the industry.

This series will interview several new agents to TTAND and ask about their experience.

This month we are featuring Carrie Elefante, Carrie Me Away Vacations from St. Catharines, Ontario.

When did you join the travel industry?

I joined the Travel Industry in 2001 as a Flight Attendant and then left the industry to pursue travel on the ground in 2005 as a Travel Consultant. I worked for a Bricks and Mortar agency and soon after ventured on my own with an affiliation with a Host Agency.

When did you join TTAND?

I joined TTAND in 2023

Why did you pick that particular time to make a change?

I felt my brand needed a change and I saw the flaws that were there during COVID. It was time to look at another avenue to help grow my brand as I feel since the pandemic my company had to start over unfortunately.

What factors made you choose TTAND over other host agencies?

The business model of TTAND had me initially intrigued after my conversation with Flemming. It really enticed me to make the move and WOW did it ever take off, I couldn’t believe how quickly everything started to transpire.

What has your personal experience been since joining TTAND?

The experience has been great so far. From day one, the procedures in place have been there and the team has been very supportive. I am still learning the ins/outs of the procedures. I do like that the team checks in every so often, that when I do have a question, I can submit a ticket it in the HUB and have my answers quickly responded to. I really like the Client forms, the credit card authorization forms as well, and even though the invoicing is more than my last host agency, it is thorough which I can appreciate to ensure we are protected.

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