Home based agents speak out on the benefits

The recent National Travel Agent Survey — an independent nationwide survey of almost 700 Canadian travel agents– had a few questions where agents had the opportunity to write in their comments.

Agents were asked the following questions and encouraged to write about how they felt, rather than just a multiple-choice answer.

Some of the most revealing answers about being a home-based agent came from this question:

1. What do you like most about being a home based agent? Why did you become one?

The responses provide great insight into the benefits of being a home-based agent from their own perspective. If you are considering going home-based, these responses might help you make up your mind.

The survey keeps agent identities anonymous but here’s what some of them had to say:

“Being a home-based agent means I earn more commission and have control over my income.”
“I love being my own boss as a home-based agent, setting my own schedule and priorities.”

“Work-life balance is key for me—being a home-based agent gives me the flexibility to achieve that.”
“I can work from anywhere, even while on vacation or traveling, which makes my job as an agent incredibly rewarding.”
“As a home-based agent, I focus on selling what I believe in, not just what’s pushed by an office.”
“Avoiding long commutes into an office is a huge plus for my productivity and happiness.”
“For me, the ability to work from home isn’t just a trend—it’s the most fulfilling way to work.”
“Home-based agents like me have the advantage of a more personalized customer approach.”
“Being at home allows me to provide better service to my clients and respond more quickly to their needs.”
“I appreciate the independence and self-direction that come with being a home-based agent.”
“The flexibility to work around my personal life is a major reason why I’m a home-based agent.”
“I feel more motivated and productive working from home, which benefits both me and my clients.”
“As a home-based agent, I have a stronger sense of ownership over my work and my success.”
“The technology available today makes being a home-based agent seamless and effective.”
“I see being a home-based agent not just as a career choice, but as a lifestyle that aligns perfectly with my goals and values.”

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