Which Clients Will Love AmaWaterways River Cruises in France?

When it comes to river cruising through the idyllic country of France, award-winning AmaWaterways provides the perfect experience for both you and your clients. From the all-inclusive nature of their extensive excursions, fine dining opportunities and onboard Wellness Program to the personalized care of their extraordinary crew, guests find themselves immersed in an authentic cultural journey on their personal floating château. With the wealth of helpful tools and marketing resources on AmaWaterways’ Travel Advisor Portal as well as the lucrative commission rates offered, you can also feel the “Ama” love and support!

As you work to grow your travel business, it helps to know what aspects of itineraries speak to your past or prospective clients. Here are three ideal types of clients for river cruises through France – and why AmaWaterways is an exceptional choice for their vacation experience.

History Enthusiasts

France has stood witness to a wide variety of impactful events that changed the course of global history. With these defining moments spanning multiple millennia, a diverse array of attractive excursions and destinations await clients with an interest in past eras.

Are your clients intrigued by ancient Roman history, a growing topic of conversation in social media spaces? Help them “find their Roman Empire” by inviting them on AmaWaterways’ 7-night Essence of Burgundy & Provence itinerary, where they can explore marvelously preserved ruins left behind by this ancient civilization. For clients with an enthusiasm for the Renaissance, they can step back in time on a special “Ghost Walk” tour though Viviers, walking through this medieval city as former “residents” reenact events and legends from centuries gone by as if they were the present moment!

Solo Travelers

For travelers looking to relax in a luxurious stateroom all to themselves, AmaWaterways’ journeys along the rivers of France are a dream come true! The line’s spacious French balcony ships – AmaLyra, AmaDante, AmaDolce and AmaCello – all offer a limited number of single occupancy staterooms. Solo travelers can relax in a private space made with their specific needs in mind while knowing that no single supplement was required for these special staterooms.

For a limited time, AmaWaterways is also waiving their single supplement on select departures through Europe, so your clients can savor the luxury of space at no additional cost! With staterooms still available on eligible departures of AmaWaterways’ 7-night itineraries such as Flavors of Burgundy, Essence of Burgundy & Provence, Paris & Normandy and Taste of Bordeaux, now is the perfect time to reach out to your clients. You can find more details on the terms and conditions of the Waived Single Supplement offer here.

Artistic Individuals Seeking Inspiration

Burnout is an ever-present pressure in today’s working world – and people with a passion for creative endeavors especially feel its heavy weight on their shoulders. Give them an opportunity to escape to the country known for visionary movements throughout history and become inspired by some of the greatest artists in this region on a relaxing cruise along the picturesque Seine River. Follow the footsteps of Monet through the gardens he preserved in his art while in Giverny, take in the seaside town of Honfleur that sparked inspiration in countless impressionist painters, view the original wall paintings of the first Italian Renaissance château in Le Havre – all these eye-catching experiences and more are available to your clients on AmaWaterways’ 7-night Impressions of the Seine & Paris itinerary.

Bonus: Extend Your Clients’ River Journey With AmaWaterways’ Compliments!

Enhance your clients’ river cruise at no additional cost, courtesy of AmaWaterways! For a limited time, guests can receive a complimentary 2-, 3-, or 4-night land package before or after select Europe river cruises! From Spain’s Basque Country to the city of Nice in the French Riviera, more than 20 eligible land packages are available with this offer.

Your clients will stay in 4- and 5-star hotels and be treated to daily breakfast, excursions, convenient transfers and luggage service between their hotel and river cruise ship – all accompanied by a dedicated Cruise Manager throughout their journey.
Learn more about this promotion and more on AmaWaterways’ Special Offers page.

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