TTAND agents talk about why they like their new tools

Last month we talked about the new “firsts” offered by The Travel Agent Next Door to its agent partners:

1. Group Management System — Manages inventory, costing, rooming lists, personal information.

2. Online Client Profile Update form — Confirm client’s name(s), address, email, phone, DOB, vaccination status, dietary & allergy info, wedding anniversary date, passport info.

3. Credit Card Authorization — Free from TTAND and integrated with the accounting system.

4. Online trip authorization form — Verify all details online.

5. COVID Coverage Guarantee — Exclusive to TTAND, pre-existing conditions up to 65 years old from $59 USD. Includes flight home if hospitalized due to COVID and $500 USD up to 14 days for isolation costs.

This month we asked several TTAND agents what they think of the new tools.

Alcindor Pierre, The Travel Agent Next Door – “Having been an Associate, moving to become a Primary, I had to build lots of new client profiles and I was really excited when I saw how much Information could be gathered and how simple, accurate, and convenient it would be to have it directly entered into their profile! This form is an amazing time saver and accurate means of gathering or updating information.”

Frances Gertsch, Stewart Travel Group – “I have been using all of the forms since they were launched and I am so grateful to have them. They allow our agency to present a professional and modern face to our clients, they are secure and easy to use, and save me a lot of time.
“The Trip Authorization / Service Fee Authorization Forms allows my clients to verify all of the important details of their travel arrangements before their trip gets booked.
“The option to collect credit card information securely, online, through the new PCI-compliant form is great.”

Wendy O’Connor, Big World Travel – “The Credit Card Authorization form is great, I love it and use it as a closing tool. I also love the fact that you still have to call the customer to get the CVV.”

Diane Donato, Inclusive-Travel – “Our team regularly use the new client forms.  The ease with which we can now gather information which automatically attaches to a client profile is a game changer.  It’s a quick & efficient way to gather necessary client information. The trip authorization form is a welcome addition, as it attaches to the client’s trip and leaves no question as to what was communicated between agent and clients.”

Ola Ulewicz, Jet Lag Voyages – “Having an automated, and more importantly, secure way of handling client data is such a fantastic resource to have on hand. Having a client input their own information not only saves me a lot of time inputting a slew of details, but it also holds the client responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.”

Cindy Almond, Romance and Foodie Travel – “The new forms are amazing…a bit time consuming, but it’s worth the effort when I feel the comfort of knowing that the client can’t come back and argue that they didn’t agree with the charge, that they didn’t understand the terms and conditions, etc. It’s a peace of mind thing.”

Shelley Cota Jardine, Shelley’s Sun & Sand Travel – “Now I get necessary information within a minute of getting a booking request for an individual booking as well as a group.
“This is a big time saver for me along with the trip authorization form – these are exceptional tools that allow us to do our job more efficiently.”

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