Why you should take the 2024 National Travel Agent Survey

The National Travel Agent Survey is now available for travel agents, offered by Rob Glennie & Associates—and it incorporates a broad spectrum of agents from independent travel agents to salaried agency employees.

The survey continues to provide never-before seen data on how travel agents feel about their roles, what they earn, what products they sell and what they see as their greatest challenges.

This is your chance to share your views with agency owners, host agency management, suppliers and other industry players — but with complete anonymity.

Influence suppliers

The more agents complete the survey, including different types of agents, the better and more revealing the results will be for everyone.

Your opinion really does matter and this is your opportunity to provide honest, candid feedback.

The survey provides unique insight into the entire retail sector and will help suppliers and tourist boards better understand the similarities – and the differences — of the four different types of agents and how best to serve them.

This will help them tailor their training and support to suit the needs of each group, including product training, FAM trips, sales support, collateral etc.

2023 was a recovery year

This year’s survey will be particularly interesting because a lot has changed in the industry since the pandemic. Many more agents went home based. The industry rebounded big-time which affected earnings.

This survey’s results promise to be the most interesting ever and will be important in planning for the future for many organizations.

Don’t pass up the chance to have your voice added!

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here: www.travelagentsurvey.ca

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